I help brands tell their story through personal & impactful imagery.

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Thoughtful. Emotive. Lifestyle Photography.


Is your CONTENT attracting your ideal client?

Professional photography that is specifically tailored to your business converts visitors to LOYAL CUSTOMERS.

Let's create something together that tells the true story of your brand, and capture your products and services in a way that resonate with your ideal client.


For those of us who are small business owners, people make the decision to hire us or buy our goods in large because they connect with us as human beings.

Personal Brand Photography captures your life, your process, your services and goods in a way that magnetizes your ideal client/customer to you, naturally.


Your online presence is not only your digital business card, it's how people learn about what you do, stand for, and have to offer. How you present yourself online forms your visitors' perception of your brand.

The more you connect with people on a personal level, the more engaged THEY are.


First - we'll schedule a quick call to discuss your needs. If you're not sure, don't worry. I've got some questions in my back pocket that will get to the heart of it. 

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“I would absolutely 100% recommend Ashlee Newman as your on-hand brand and lifestyle photographer. She captures your energy and essence effortlessly and makes the whole process fun! I can’t wait to hire her again!” — Alison

“Having professional images has made me feel like a badass. Professional. Expensive. Smart.”  — Melanie Weinberger

“Having these images made me feel like I hired an entire marketing department with just images alone. It made the rest so easy.” — Alison

“Photos are EVERYTHING. I use these images non-stop on my social media pages, marketing materials, website, you name it. These images are the face of my brand and are very important in spreading the word about my handmade jewelry. ”
Claire Sommers Buck