I'm a photographer - and storyteller to the core.
Let's tell YOURS.


I start my mornings slow. I try my damndest to leave my phone in the other room while I sleep. My husband brings me coffee in bed (this MAN.), that he calls the "Newman Special." I draw cards for daily inspiration and guidance, and then I journal.

I notice that when I'm intentional about the way my days begin, I'm more present throughout the day - and more present with those around me.

Having this practice grounds me in a way that I hadn't experienced before (reading Make Miracles in 40 Days, which forms the basis for my journaling practice), and when I get out of the practice of these slow mornings, I notice a difference in every aspect of my life.

Who I am


I grew up in Texas, mostly. Weatherford, Ocala (FL), Bandera, and Boerne have all been home. I lived outside the city limits on ranches with parents who owned their own businesses and raised/trained horses for a living. Until college, I never knew the reality of a blocked horizon when watching the sun set (gosh I miss this). 

I spent four glorious years on the beach in St. Augustine Florida (Any Flagler alums out there?) after high school, and while I was ready to come back to dancehalls and wide open rugged country, I loved every second of it.

After travelling a LOT for work (and play), I settled in Austin about 8 years ago, and have fallen in love with a city - which I never thought would happen.

where I'm from


My home is shared with 3 dogs and a silly, handsome, adventurous partner, James. It's beautiful, chaotic, and simple. Most nights we sit in the living room watching "dog TV." (Hank, our newest addition, is the cutest, cuddliest, maniac puppy you've ever met.)

For the 5 years before we moved in together, I lived in a 1955 Airstream named Dottie. I learned simplicity and minimalism. The idea that less is just as good - and the value of consuming only what you NEED, from food to furniture. This time of my life was incredibly empowering, and some of my deepest friendships were formed during this time of being fully "single," and learning to be with myself, fully.

who i share my life with


Quiet moments in nature.

Really great wine, and strong coffee.

Garden-fresh, home grown tomatoes - warm from the sun.

Those who have gone through the fire and still show up. For themselves and those around them. I want to know your story and sit with you.

The sweetness of letting go, and the allowing of all that comes after.

Selvedge denim & handmade jewelry.

Shared belly laughs and ugly cries. I want to be, feel, and see all of it.

what i value most