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let's call it a

My favorite moment of 2016 so far, is shown in one of the photos below, at Gruene Hall. I went to enjoy the beautiful, soul-lifting music of Walt Wilkins, the Mystiqueros, and a few of their friends. What I got was so much more (and always is). Sometime in the last several songs, Tina started […]

While I didn’t grow up in this home with my dad, his house holds a huge piece of my heart. I have memories of spending weeks during the summer here with my little brother, exploring the property, swimming in the pool, finding (almost) all my dad’s secret hiding places for his valuables, and shooting BB […]

Just showing off an album for a lovely couple that was completed a while ago that I never shared pictures of! There is so much value in printing off the photos from your session or wedding, and investing in a quality album. Take a look!

… “The photographer watches for the perfect picture. The mathematician watches for the perfect measurement. The astronomer watches for the perfect timing. The night owls watch for the entertainment. The techie watches from his computer, trading the holiness of being present for the clarity of a screen. The worker watches from the back of his […]