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April 13, 2013

I’m in “The Valley” this weekend with Jesslynn Violet¬†as a 2nd shooter, and am feeling so inspired by the surroundings. Palm trees. Peacocks. Friendly pups. Succulents everywhere! Here’s just a sampling of what my morning contained.

My room, “Chuck” is pretty awesome. It’s like walking into an antique store… I could spend hours just looking at everything just in the bedroom. The entire B&B is like this.

The dining area of the B&B. I ate my oatmeal & fruit breakfast and shared some (ridiculously yet perfectly strong cowboy coffee) this morning with the gentleman who owns the house. During our meal, we chatted about his family’s rodeo background, and my family’s. Then he invited me to come with him and feed some horses. Of course! I tagged along and snapped a few pictures. It truly was a perfect morning.

This little beauty may just have to join the agave already on my forearm. Gorgeous.

Meet Boots! She was cautious, but loving, and LOVED all the attention I was giving her. Look at those eyes!

I could’ve spent all morning on this porch if the South Texas mosquitos hadn’t tried to carry me away. Pretty sure I lost a pint of blood in the last 24 hours.

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