{personal} Montana Fly-Fishing and Backpacking

August 31, 2013

Words cannot accurately describe the beauty I witnessed backpacking in the Montana Absoraka-Beartooth Wilderness last week. Days 1 and 4 were on a regularly used trail, and we passed others every so often. Days 2 and 3? No trail. Following topo lines on a map, and legends telling us which high altitude lakes contained certain species of trout were our guides.

Raw, wild, adventure. My soul is happy. Backpacking, fly-fishing, yoga, napping, swimming. Can’t wait to return one day.

Photographing this trip was a struggle at times for me – I kept imagining a bridal or maternity session in this beautiful place. It’s hard to switch gears from portraits to landscape, but I’m glad I pushed myself just a little bit. Check out my friendĀ Brett Seng‘s photography as well – you won’t be disappointed. I can’t wait to see what he captured from this trip!

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