Poor Pitiful Pearl {grounded}

April 9, 2014

I’m not able to accurately put into words how much of a natural high I was on after this shoot for Poor Pitiful Pearl. Gorgeous line, gorgeous model, gorgeous light and scenery. THIS is what my dream sessions/shoots are made of.

I own several of her one-of-a-kind pieces, a favorite being my DARE shirt from 5th grade that she added flannel sleeves to. Or wait – no, it’s a men’s pearl snap shirt that she turned into a cute “oxy.” OH! Nevermind, it has to be my bellbottoms.  I truly can’t decide. Add to that a new favorite, a bell-sleeved olive top from this new line. Confession – I may have worn it for 4 days straight. To bed and all day long (showers sprinkled in there too, of course). It’s glorious.

This woman is creative, hard-working, faith-FULL, and a wonderful mother. I’m so fortunate to call her a friend.

Check out her shop here.

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  1. KATE says:


    And I think I need those tribal print leggings…

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